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2021-06-15 11:08

"HAVIT GO", HAVIT online ordering system

# Online wholesale, one click go #

# Digital transformation to promote the future #

Who is the HAVIT GO?

HAVIT GO is an online trading platform developed by Guangzhou Havit Technology Co., Ltd., mainly target for HAVIT brand agents ,small wholesalers and vendors, integrating supply chain management, product display, order management and brand promotion, enabling brand agency, enabling channel, improve business processing efficiency and customer experience, sharing the economic benefits brought by the platform.

Why do we develop this platform? --- HAVIT GO Core Value

1. Digital order management, improve efficiency

HAVIT GO provides online order function for small wholesalers, realize the self-service, systematic and self-service inquiry order progress process of order business, improve the business processing efficiency of both sides, and reduce labor costs;

2. HAVIT cutting-edge products, platform first to reach

HAVIT GO released the updated information of HAVIT cutting-edge products, small wholesalers can master the latest HAVIT product dynamic information, do a good job in marketing promotion planning in advance, and hold the market opportunity.

3. Data and information sharing for business growth

HAVIT GO shares HAVIT new products, trading, logistics, inventory, marketing and other information with small wholesalers. Through big data analysis, it can provide retailers with more accurate product recommendation and channel promotion strategy to maximize the sales benefits of both sides.

4. Improve the service quality and achieve sustainable development

HAVIT GO enables brand owners to pay more attention to the needs of retail customers, and enable enterprises to respond quickly to market changes, thus accelerate the development of new products, improve service quality, and put forward market response strategies, so that HAVIT brands and partners can continue to respond to market challenges and achieve long-term development.

What features does the HAVIT GO have?

1. Order digital management, online order placing, intelligent settlement, logistics tracking

2. Rich online marketing campaigns to drive performance growth

3. Perfect membership management system to protect member rights and interests

4. Online customer service support with high quality online service

5. Data and information sharing, master the latest HAVIT product dynamics

6. Data background analysis to provide accurate product launch and marketing promotion

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